Charis Ministries focuses on transformational leadership, helping people connect to God through the power of the Holy Spirit. We lead and  teach for TRANSFORMATION not information.

Charis Ministries is committed to developing, equiping and supporting Christian leaders who work in challenging environments to achieve God’s purpose for themselves, and to beneficially impact their communities.

Charis Ministries seeks to advance the Christian faith through training of church leaders and congregations, and assisting Christian churches with their education programmes, workshops, seminars and development projects.

We are a UK Registered Charity (No.1154811) which networks widely across various Christian denominations in the UK and internationally.

Our heart is for people to have a clear direction, and the courage and passion to achieve God’s purpose for them. We aim to inspire, encourage, guide, activate and help the leaders we work with to impact their world.

Our current work is mostly based in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Macedonia. We are focusing on leadership development and support; developing Bible Schools and training centres; spreading God’s Word to communities, city and rural; building physical facilities for a church/school and helping underprivileged children.