Bode & Magdalene-Trustees

Bode and Magdalene
Bode and Magdalene

Bode is a retired IT Consultant with over 30 years of IT Systems and Hardware Experience. Over the years, he has worked with UK Universities in Research capacities, a Local Authority and a number of private companies in software development, Enterprise IT System Administration and System Configuration as well developing substantial IT hardware and System Configuration experience of personal computers.

His desire is to be able to utilise, as much as possible, the various facets of his skills and experience in assisting Christian ministries, including Charis Ministries and his local church. He has been involved, jointly with Magdalene, in the leadership of Cell Groups in a number of Elim Churches over the years.

Magdalene is a trained teacher and has taught in the Primary School sector for more than two decades. She is greatly interested in how the Bible provides valuable tools in the area of transforming communities through the application of Christian principles. She is very passionate about the use of Bible principles to enable individuals to remove barriers to character development. She believes strongly in the ability of human beings to continue to improve with the use of helpful and useful tools in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. She is greatly interested in the development of education as an arm of evangelism and the use of prayer as a base for pioneering innovative leadership strategies.

Over a number of years, Magdalene has been involved in praying and supporting a number of Christian organisations, including Charis Ministries outreaches to different parts of the world. She has also been a guest speaker in a number of Christian Women Conferences in the UK.

Bode and Magdalene have been married since 1979 and they currently reside in Horley, Surrey, UK. They fellowship at Elim Church in Crawley, West Sussex.