FGM – Rizwan Fazal

Pastor Rizwan Fazal of Faith Gospel Ministries

Pastor Rizwan Fazal comes from a family committed to outreach into the local community, leadership training and compassion to the poor. He has a God-given desire to offer education to children who are the most vulnerable in society and needs our support for an education project as detailed below.


Pakistan-brick-factory-childrenThe workers in the factories are in bonded labour, effectively slaves to the factory owner due to extravagantly high interest loans that they had taken out. Worse still, the children of the adults working in the factory are also expected to work in the factory.

The owner who has agreed to let each child be part of an education project so that they can learn to read and write. Whilst they won’t be able to be in school full-time they can be released for up to two days each week to be educated by properly qualified teachers.

The cost of the project amounts to £600 per month and includes rental of a local hall to act as a classroom, monthly salary for 2 teachers, electricity supply, and water for drinking.

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